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"May the classics forgive us"

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Кирилл Шевандо - барабаны

Drumming is my life. Starting at the age of 14 to play the first rhythms on my own, I got a music education in the Minsk Music College and from the age of 18 the percussion unit became my profession.

Over the years, I was fortunate enough to play with a lot of artists: the Belarusian group ULIS, the orchestra of M.Finberg, Alexey Shedko and the band Sister, J MORS, Marek Balata, Elena Mindru-Turunen, SVET Boogie Band, Transformer Jazz Trio, The RoadDogs. With the ensemble Grig Percussion Group I participated in recording a CD for Radio France in Paris. As part of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, I had the privilege of performing with Maestro Michel Legrand, Demis Roussoss, Al Bano, Riccardo Folli, and others. In addition to the concert work, I taught at the Minsk Music College and was constantly interned abroad.

Currently, I am an endorser of the Swiss company PAISTE.



May the classics forgive us

From idea to execution, we love doing great performance


  •   A prepared scenario
  •   Unique scores ready for orchestra
  •   A ready concert poster (cdr formatted) and a press release
  •   We conduct the concert under a prepared program sheet (English or Russian)
  •   We own the rights for all the pieces arrangments performed so no extra royalties are to be paid
  •   Performance plot is developed as a quiz; keeping the audience listening and entertained



conductors and music promoters about the show

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